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meet me in outerspace. [May. 1st, 2005|11:25 pm]
mr. smiley
[Current Mood |peaceful.]
[Current Music |incubus]

My dad and I went on an adventure. We began with only one destination, that being Blue Knob to look at the clouds. After our rather windy observations, we decided to go for a drive, instead of going home. He would say "left or right" and I'd pick, and he'd turn. We ended up in a place called Lovely, which led us to Pleasantville. If that isn't the greatest omen ever, I don't know what is. Along our journies, we met a mule, two horses, the prettiest roads ever to drive on, the wind, and some great swingsets. Today was a great day spent with the Dixon.

This week. I can't really remember exactly what I did on what days, but I know that I hung out with Jess, Alicia, Cait, Bridgette, Megan, and Danielle. Not in that order.

I know that on Friday I woke up at 8am from a really bad migraine. It blew. At 3:30, Sto picked me up. We were driving, and realized his brother's car was along the side of the road. We stayed there for like two hours to try to help. I sat in the car with his brother's girlfriend (aka Alicia Kenney) and her cute little kid. It was a nice time. Then, Sto, Alicia, and I went to her house, then to Burger King to get us all food. We went back to the broken-down car, and waited for the AAA guy. It was actually fun hanging out. Then we all piled into Sto's car and went back to his house. I drew Sto the best picture. Ever. And he showed me the pond. Then we watched Napoleon Dynamite and Resident Evil with his brother and Alicia. It was a good time. They took me home, and Sto sat in my driveway with me until my dad got home because I was afraid.

Yesterday I woke up and hung out with Cait. We went to King's for breakfast, then just hung out. I miss her :( Iloveyou. Two hours a couple days a week is not enough. So, yeah, I came home and fell asleep in the bathtub. I got ready, then met Alicia out at the mall to buy prom makeup. I'm excited. We met Matt, I ate subway, then went with them to the Cracker Barrel. Alicia bought me rock candy. I came home and felt like shit, then Danielle and I met my dad out at the movies. We saw the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It was really funny/confusing. Mos Def ruled.

So, here I am. Danielle and I watched some weird movie tonight about some old guy that has an affair with a 17 year old girl. I'll end on that note.