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Mmm. - if you know what i mean [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
mr. smiley

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Mmm. [Apr. 9th, 2005|10:27 pm]
mr. smiley
[Current Music |hot hot heat]

Bye Bye Birdie(2)
+ Sin City
+ Some friends
+ Boredness x pictures

Yep. On Friday after school I came home and got ready for the play. I went out to Burgi's to eat with my mom and the devil. After, I ran to the Fishbowl to visit Miss Jessica. I miss her. Then I met up with my mom, Meg, and Jarek. The play was really cute. Afterwards, Bridgette and I went to Denny's. Cait met us. I took Bridgette home and Cait stayed at my house.

Yesterday we woke up, and I took Cait to work. I came home and got showered and picked up Danielle, and we went to my little cousin's birthday party. One year. What an achievement. He's one of those really fat little babies that you just want to squeeze all the time like you are some old great aunt. It was cute. We ate cake. I took DD to the play, went to Wal Mart, then went back to the play. I sat with Alicia and friends. When the play was over, I told Bridgette congrats for breaking both legs, if you know what I mean. Danielle and I went out to ENP with Cait. I took Danielle home, and stayed at Cait's. The night at Cait's house was... eventful, to say the least. That's all I have to say about that. Yuck. BUT I LOVE HER.

This morning Cait and I went to Dunkin Donut's for breakfast. I took her to work, then went to Granny's with my dad's family. And the fat 1year old.

My dad took me to see Sin City today. The cinematography (props to me for spelling that correctly) was simply fucking amazing. It ruled. I am going to read the book/comics now.

Here is the result of Sunday boredom:


I feel like a lot of people are mad at me for some reason. Please don't be. <3 :(


From: draquinfire888
2005-04-11 01:27 pm (UTC)
I am not mad at you
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